Our Story

Our Story

The central and lasting pillars of our professional ideology began with the founder of the firm Edwin S. Darden Sr. FAIA. in 1959. It is apparent his professional integrity and devotion to continued development of the Architectural craft have left an indelible mark on the services we provide even today.

Originally conducting business as Nargis & Darden Architects, the firm was later incorporated as Edwin S. Darden Associates and finally the current Darden Architects. Early works supported the burgeoning communities of the California San Joaquin Valley through provision of high-quality design and excellent customer service.

This foundation was further strengthened by the continued leadership of Edwin S. Darden Junior. Retaining the core values prevalent in the work of the firm, Ed Jr. wove into the fabric of our services a passion for design excellence and innovation.

Specialized services including Interior design, graphic design and cost estimating were added to provide a more comprehensive approach. This integration of such important ancillary industry professionals served to concentrate our design product and after years of development results in excellent value for our clients.

Darden Architects has been in practice continuously for over 55 years and remains an active contributor to good works in our community and supporter of the continued development of Architecture as a profession.