Office Culture

Last week the staff of Darden Architects gathered at the local pizza parlor to celebrate Elizabeth Gregor's outstanding achievement. She has received her California Architectural License.

Office Culture

After just three short days of planning and design, our amateur aeronautical engineers piloted their paper creations in the Inaugural Darden Architects Paper Airplane Challenge. There we three events and competition was fierce.

Office Culture

Last Saturday was Darden Architect's annual Holiday Party, and this year's theme was "Roaring 20's". We turned Franks Place in downtown Fresno into our personal speakeasy, and celebrated...

Office Culture

Last Friday Darden Architects booked a charter bus and took the whole office on a road trip to see two recently completed projects: the New Yosemite Community College District office...

We'll See You There

Merced College: 2017 State of the College Address & Luncheon
April 28, 2017

looking forward to attending Merced College’s 2017 State of the College Address & Luncheon on April 28th, in Merced (Obviously)